How Online Casino Slot Machines Work

Anyone who has visited an online casino at least once will surely have realized the huge number of slot machines available compared to all other games. Slots are the most popular pastime for online gamblers as it allows operators to offer players hundreds of variations of different slot games.

Although these actions are very simple for those who have already played any online slot, it is possible that some users are confused when they are faced for the first time with the numerous buttons that make up the game interface of modern slot machines.

What we will say below applies in general to all existing multiline slots, apart from a few minor differences.

  • Reels and Symbols: The reels represent the “columns” of the slots. In most cases, we find 5 reels (as in the example); in other cases, their number can vary. On the reels, scroll the symbols that produce the winning combinations, the jokers, and the symbols that activate bonus functions.
  • Winning lines: they represent the lines on which it is possible to align multiple symbols to obtain a winning combination. They can be in variable numbers, from 1 to 243. In some games, the player is allowed to change the number of active lines; in others, instead, this number is fixed.
  • Paytable: this is the “instruction booklet” of the slot. It contains all the information concerning the value of the winnings, the specific rules of the slot, and the bonus modes. It is advisable to take time to read the paytable every time you bet in a game for the first time in order to know all its aspects.
  • Level (Number of tokens): used to set the number of tokens to be used for each game. This value obviously affects the total bet.
  • Coin Value: used to set the value of the tokens. This, combined with the number of active lines and the number of tokens, allows you to set the total bet for each game at will.
  • Autoplay (automatic game) and Max Bet (maximum bet): these are two functions that can remain unused: the first allows you to spin the slot automatically without having to press the central button each time to start the reels. The second allows (attention!) To immediately start a game by setting the maximum number of chips (level).
  • Statistics bar: At the bottom, there is a bar with the statistics of the game; in particular, we note the total balance available, the current total bet in euros and not in coins, and the value of the last win made.
  • Start button: different shapes in each slot; it is used to start a game. It is usually located in the center of the game interface, or on one side with the label “Spin.”

Although with some small variations depending on the game manufacturer, online casino, and graphic design, all online slots have the interface that we have shown in this example. Once you become familiar with a slot game, all the others are, therefore, very similar in how they work.