Live Casino: Play At The Live Roulette And Blackjack Tables

Lounges with real tables, managed by real croupiers and filmed in real-time with ad hoc mounted cameras to allow players to see the progress of the games with their own eyes: this is what Live casinos are.

 A virtual game interface allows you to place bets, manage your account, and interact with other real players, while a video shows the progress of the actions at the table.

The Technology Behind Live Games

A real gaming room, managed by real croupiers, is equipped with cameras and hi-tech equipment that allow players to connect to the tables through the internet.

Access to the live casino takes place using software that can be installed on a PC or by simply navigating with a browser in a dedicated area of ​​the gaming sites. The purpose of this program is to mediate between the user and the casino operators. A recent novelty, available only in a few live casinos, is that of being able to bet on live roulette and blackjack tables via smartphone and tablet.

The player, in addition to seeing the performance of the actions on the table, thanks to a streaming video, can place bets from his terminal. The system records bets and passes them on to the casino operator. On the other hand, the system records the outcome of the games (through bar codes placed on the cards in the blackjack case, for example). It calculates the possible winnings of the game, automatically adding it to the available balance.

Such a type of game can lead users to ask themselves some questions, in particular:

How can I be sure that the game is not rigged? The certainty of watching a game live, rather than viewing a pre-recorded video, is not a foregone conclusion. It is true that during the game, the croupier interacts with the player by calling him with the nickname chosen at the beginning of the session. We read on the web some theories regarding the possibility that live roulette is rigged, but none of them has ever been verified as far as we know.

Is my privacy protected? Certainly. The video stream is one-way: players see the croupiers, but the croupiers don’t see the players. Second, nicknames are always used, so the other players at the table do not know the true identity of those who “sit” next to them.

What happens if the video stops or if a disconnection occurs? In the first case, the software will show the game’s data in progress in text format. In the second case, if the system has already recorded the game’s outcome, it is considered completed. Otherwise, the player is refunded the amount of the wager (if a server-side problem causes the disconnection).

Choice Of Dealers And Betting Limits

A self-respecting Live casino offers several tables for the same game. What changes between one and the other are the available dealers (many girls and some boys) and the maximum and minimum betting limits.

Players can freely decide to sit at one table rather than another based on preferences on these two parameters. Even if that of the betting limits is a much more important factor, it seems that many users (boys) base their choice also on the physical aspect of the girls!

In live casinos, there is no “trial” or “demo” mode. This is because the number of places is limited, while the resources needed to manage them are much greater than in virtual games.

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How Online Casino Slot Machines Work

Anyone who has visited an online casino at least once will surely have realized the huge number of slot machines available compared to all other games. Slots are the most popular pastime for online gamblers as it allows operators to offer players hundreds of variations of different slot games.

Although these actions are very simple for those who have already played any online slot, it is possible that some users are confused when they are faced for the first time with the numerous buttons that make up the game interface of modern slot machines.

What we will say below applies in general to all existing multiline slots, apart from a few minor differences.

  • Reels and Symbols: The reels represent the “columns” of the slots. In most cases, we find 5 reels (as in the example); in other cases, their number can vary. On the reels, scroll the symbols that produce the winning combinations, the jokers, and the symbols that activate bonus functions.
  • Winning lines: they represent the lines on which it is possible to align multiple symbols to obtain a winning combination. They can be in variable numbers, from 1 to 243. In some games, the player is allowed to change the number of active lines; in others, instead, this number is fixed.
  • Paytable: this is the “instruction booklet” of the slot. It contains all the information concerning the value of the winnings, the specific rules of the slot, and the bonus modes. It is advisable to take time to read the paytable every time you bet in a game for the first time in order to know all its aspects.
  • Level (Number of tokens): used to set the number of tokens to be used for each game. This value obviously affects the total bet.
  • Coin Value: used to set the value of the tokens. This, combined with the number of active lines and the number of tokens, allows you to set the total bet for each game at will.
  • Autoplay (automatic game) and Max Bet (maximum bet): these are two functions that can remain unused: the first allows you to spin the slot automatically without having to press the central button each time to start the reels. The second allows (attention!) To immediately start a game by setting the maximum number of chips (level).
  • Statistics bar: At the bottom, there is a bar with the statistics of the game; in particular, we note the total balance available, the current total bet in euros and not in coins, and the value of the last win made.
  • Start button: different shapes in each slot; it is used to start a game. It is usually located in the center of the game interface, or on one side with the label “Spin.”

Although with some small variations depending on the game manufacturer, online casino, and graphic design, all online slots have the interface that we have shown in this example. Once you become familiar with a slot game, all the others are, therefore, very similar in how they work.

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